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Gastric Sleeve Operation - Elizabeth's Story

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My name is Elizabeth and I’m now 31 years old and am in the best physical shape of my life. I grew up always having a weight problem even as a child. In my teen years I was a 14/16 and as an adult ballooned up to a 20/22.

I’ve been on yo-yo diets my entire life and would loose but never could get below around 165 but ALWAYS gained it back. After watching my husband and walking through this journey with him... I decided I needed to do this for me!!! I needed a change and I couldn’t do it alone!! So I made the decision to go to TJ for the second time but this time as a patient not a companion. So on February 27, 2018 I had the gastric sleeve procedure that changed my life!

Dr. Garcia, CER and staff were out of this world amazing!! At my highest weight I was 235 and at only 5ft tall it looked like much more! The day I started my pre-op diet I was 200. After 2 weeks on pre-op diet the day of surgery I was 184. Today I am 114. I run, I exercise, I ride bikes... I do all the things that were so hard before.

With having 4 children life was very difficult before weight loss. But today my energy level is out of the park and I wouldn’t change my decision for anything!!!

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