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Have you reached a point in your life where diet and exercise have left you frustrated and exhausted because you have tried every possible weight loss regimen, only to lose a handful of pounds and then regain them quickly? 

Obesity has many different causes which contribute to your inability to achieve your weight loss goals. Undergoing weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, with the help of the Tijuana Bariatric Center may be just the solution you need to finally reach your weight loss goals.

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Jodie's Gastric Bypass Testimonial

So grateful I took a leap to do this. If you’re on the fence and totally embarrassed or nervous to go to Mexico, don’t be. The facility is clean, and the staff is very professional. There are a lot of staff members who only speak Spanish, but all of the doctors and surgeons are bilingual. I loved all my nurses. It’s been 24 days. My joints aren’t in pain anymore. I’m getting better sleep. My clothes are fitting better. I have more energy. This alone was worth it. I promise, this is the best decision I’ve made for myself.

— Lynsi Drew

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A Reputation for Excellence

At Tijuana Bariatric Center, our track record speaks volumes. With a remarkable 98% success rate and over a decade of dedicated service, our expertise is evident. We take pride in the thousands of glowing testimonials we've received, many of which come from referrals – a clear sign of the trust and satisfaction our patients experience. 

Our facility stands out with international accreditations, upholding the highest standards of medical care. Our team's commitment to excellence is further emphasized by their active participation in global conferences and memberships in renowned medical associations. 

With over 25,000+ successful bariatric surgeries under our belts, our experience is vast, yet we maintain a personalized touch, which is evident in the 95% satisfaction rate for our post-operative care. All of these achievements reflect our unwavering commitment to ensuring patient well-being, safety, and transformative results.

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Tijuana Bariatric Center At a Glance

  1. An Experienced Team – Led by renowned surgeons like Dr. Fernando Garcia, Dr. Marcela Ramirez, and general physician Dr. Paola Velazco, our team brings years of expertise to the table, ensuring our patients receive top-notch care. 
  2. Personalized Approach – We understand that every patient's journey is unique. Our dedicated team crafts individualized treatment plans to cater to each patient's specific needs and goals. 
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities – Our center is equipped with the latest medical technology, ensuring that patients receive the most advanced treatments available. 
  4. Comprehensive Care – Beyond surgical procedures, we offer extensive pre-operative education and postoperative support. Our commitment is to the patient's overall well-being and long-term success. 
  5. Transparent Pricing – We pride ourselves on providing clear, upfront pricing, eliminating any surprises. We also assist with financing options, ensuring our services are accessible to all. 
  1. Cultural Competency – Located in Tijuana, we cater to an international clientele. Our staff is multilingual and understands the unique concerns of patients traveling from abroad. 
  2. Supportive Community – We've built a supportive community around our practice. From online support groups to patient testimonials, newcomers can connect with past patients to gain insights and share experiences. 
  3. Safety First – Patient safety is our top priority. We adhere to the strictest international medical standards and protocols to ensure our patients' well-being at every stage. 
  4. Continuous Learning – Our team is dedicated to ongoing education. We stay updated with the latest research, techniques, and advancements in bariatric medicine. 
  5. Holistic Approach – We don't just focus on the physical aspect of bariatric surgery. We also address the emotional and psychological components, offering resources like counseling and nutritional guidance.
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Obesity Affects All Aspects of Life

Obesity's impact on patients is profound. It hinders daily activities and brings about health problems like diabetes and heart disease. Visibly, weight gain affects self-esteem, and society often adds to the burden with discrimination and bias. This not only strains patients’ emotional well-being but can also pose financial challenges due to medical bills and job limitations. 

Dealing with obesity is more than just a physical challenge; it has profound emotional and mental impacts.

Many individuals grapple with a poor self-image, often feeling they don't measure up because of their weight. The repeated attempts at weight loss, without success, can be incredibly disheartening. This struggle can lead some to retreat from social situations, concerned about perceptions or judgments. There's also the looming worry about potential health complications and missing out on life's significant moments. It's a multifaceted challenge, touching both the body and the soul. 

How We Can Help

In addition to providing you with state-of-the-art surgery in a safety-oriented setting, we go above and beyond to help you navigate the emotional and psychological aspects of your weight loss journey. 

Our practice offers an online support group where you can gain confidence for your weight loss journey, read unbiased information and success stories from patients who have gone through weight loss surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and mini-gastric bypass, learn about our outstanding bariatric surgeon, Dr. Fernando Garcia and his outstanding team, and delve into information about our safe medical facilities. 

Our support group is a closed and private group designed, developed, and run by our bariatric medical staff and is accessed by invitation only. You'll be able to see how our patients rate, review, explore, and recommend our cutting-edge bariatric center in Tijuana. We guarantee your privacy.

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Spotlight on Dr. Fernando Garcia – Bariatric Pioneer Surgeon

With over decades of expertise and 25,000+ successful procedures completed, Dr. Garcia is a seasoned healthcare provider well-qualified to meet a wide range of patient needs. He specializes in working with patients who are not considered candidates at other practices, whether due to an extremely high BMI or a history of bariatric revision surgery. 

Dr. Garcia has extensive credentials as a practitioner for 20 years. He is the former head doctor at a hospital in Tijuana and a current professor of advanced laparoscopy at the University of Tijuana. Dr. Garcia received his Licensed Physician Degree from Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo after completing a demanding residency in General Surgery at Hospital General (General Hospital), endorsed by Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC). 

Dr. Garcia has undergone his own weight loss journey, and he is deeply invested in ensuring his patients are successful. He has created a comprehensive weight loss program that addresses all aspects of care, from creating nutritional and exercise plans to extensive follow-up with patients after surgery. His genuine compassion and single-minded focus combine with his superior technical skills to make him among the most sought-out providers in the region. 

Spotlight on Nutritionist Linda Cardona – Dietary Counseling for Long-Term Health

Weight loss surgery isn't the only step for lasting wellness and a healthier future. To help ensure that patients lose weight and keep that weight off, our licensed bariatric nutritionist, a member of the American College and the ASBS, Linda Cardona, will provide advice on long-term dietary needs. Ms. Cardona can work closely with you to help develop a diet plan after surgery. She is always more than happy to go over which foods and beverages will be best for you and your needs and discuss what vitamins and supplements you may need to take to maintain your health.

Top Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

When combined with proper nutrition, exercise, and behavior modification, bariatric surgery can be an effective tool that provides benefits like long-term weight loss, improved health, and better quality of life. The certified doctors working through the Tijuana Bariatric Center can help those suffering from obesity to achieve the many health and personal benefits of weight loss surgery. Various procedures performed at our Tijuana, Mexico hospital are available for a fraction of the cost of bariatric surgery in the U.S. Patients of any age can benefit, including seniors.

  • Long-term Success – Although researchers don't fully understand the specifics, weight loss surgery seems to reverse the progression of obesity in various ways. Studies have shown that more than 90% of bariatric surgery patients can maintain a weight loss of at least 50% of their excess body weight ten years after their procedure.
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease – By lowering your BMI, you can significantly reduce blood pressure, along with your risk for heart disease. Excessive weight puts more stress on your heart and increases blood pressure because your heart must work harder to pump blood throughout your body. The lower your blood pressure, the lower your risk for heart attack and stroke.
  • Potential Cure for Diabetes – Many people who are obese or morbidly obese suffer from type II diabetes, which can have catastrophic effects on wellness over time. Studies indicate that weight loss surgery can minimize the side effects of diabetes, such as damage to nerves, kidneys, eyes, and more. Some patients can successfully reduce or even stop taking diabetes medications following successful weight loss through metabolic surgery, while others experience a remission of the disease. 
  • Reduced Risk of Cancer – Excessive weight increases the risk of some cancers, including breast cancer in women past menopause, colorectal cancer, and cancers of the endometrium, esophagus, kidney, and pancreas. Thanks to the latest safe surgical weight loss techniques, you can reduce your risk of developing cancer later in life if you lose excess weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.
  • Alleviation of Certain Sleeping Problems – Sleep apnea and other sleep problems are often linked to obesity or morbid obesity, as heavier patients have more fatty tissue along their upper airways, thereby restricting airflow. Patients who undergo bariatric surgery report more restful sleep within three to five months after the procedure, with less snoring and other issues. 
  • Less Strain on the Lower Back and Joints – Some obese or morbidly obese patients develop arthritis and other serious joint problems because of excess weight. The most problematic areas are the knees, hips, and back. Bariatric surgery patients who successfully keep the weight off will see a gradual reduction in joint pain, which can slow or even halt joint damage and help them achieve better mobility later in life.
  • Improved Longevity – Extensive scientific studies show that for severely obese patients, massive weight loss through bariatric surgery can reduce risks of disease leading to death by over 40%. Weight loss surgery lowers the risk of death for many health problems, including heart disease (40% lower), diabetes (92% lower), and cancer (60% lower). Comparing the risks to the benefits makes the decision to undergo a weight loss procedure much easier.
  • Improvement of Other Diseases – Bariatric surgery leading to massive weight loss can improve or even cure a variety of health problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and even fertility problems, as some patients find when they lose extra weight, they can become pregnant more easily.
  • Other Quality of Life Changes – Many patients who undergo bariatric surgery find that life improves in various ways they didn't expect. They can move more comfortably, feel more motivated to stay physically active, have more energy, and often socialize more than before the surgery. Self-esteem also typically improves with weight loss, and patients see a reduction in depression and anxiety and an increase in sexual function.
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The Benefits of Medical Tourism

Since we are located near the San Diego-California border, it is very easy for patients throughout the United States and Canada to travel to our practice. Thanks to medical tourism, you can undergo advanced surgical procedures at a lower cost than you would pay in other places in North America. We have excellent medical tourism packages and payment plans to help you navigate through this process.

All Tijuana Bariatric Center patients receive comprehensive medical tourism insurance to ensure their health and financial security. While our procedures are safe, any bariatric surgery incurs some unforeseen risks. This insurance covers complications that may occur during your bariatric surgery, along with additional time you may spend for total recovery. It is part of your bariatric surgery package and incurs no additional cost.

Flexible Financing Options

We know the cost of a procedure can be high, which is why we offer options to help put the surgery within your reach. Our staff will take the time to discuss these financing and payment options with you by phone or email.

Our FacilitiesPeace of Mind is Everything – Adhering to the Highest International Safety Standards

The Tijuana Bariatric Center network provides safe, high-quality care to patients seeking bariatric and cosmetic surgery at among the most cutting-edge hospitals in Tijuana. Patients from the United States, Canada, and Europe come to our surgical center to undergo these procedures at a significantly lower cost without compromising patient care. The board-certified bariatric surgeons are dedicated to helping patients achieve their weight loss goals through metabolic surgery so they can feel confident and experience a better quality of life.

CER Hospital

This upgraded Tijuana medical facility provides the best protocol and highest standards of sanitization to avoid COVID-19 infection. We give our patients personalized care at a world-class destination for weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, that includes three cutting-edge operating rooms, imaging facilities, a pharmacy, 24 recovery suites designed for patient comfort and wellness, and cafeteria and food services.

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How Can I Get Started?

Upon submitting your online application, you will receive a packet of information that includes a link to provide your medical history. This information is critical in determining which procedures may be right for you, as our recommendations vary per individual.

Once this has been filled out, your doctor and our team of medical professionals will review your application and history, make any necessary observations, and determine whether you are eligible for surgery. After approval, our bariatrics staff will schedule your appointment, and you will fly to San Diego International Airport.

Arriving in Tijuana

The Tijuana Bariatric Center team handles your care from the moment you land at San Diego Airport until your departure. A designated driver will chauffeur you to your hotel in Tijuana, where you can relax for the first night. The morning after your arrival, you will visit the hospital to undergo several pre-operative tests and to meet with your support staff, consisting of your bariatric surgeon, internist medical doctor, anesthesiologist, and follow-up care doctors prior to your scheduled bariatric surgery.

After your surgery, you will remain at the hospital for one to three nights to monitor your progress. During this time, your doctors and nutritionist will visit to advise you on proper post-op care and diet, as well as provide information about the tests you will need to undergo at your follow-up exams. Once your doctors approve you for discharge, you will spend one to two final nights at the hotel before a driver takes you back to the San Diego Airport.

Your Extended Aftercare

However, your care does not end with your return home. Patients can remain in direct communication via email, Facebook, telephone, or virtual consultation with their nutritionist and doctor for weeks or months after the procedure, whether to ask questions or send updates on their progress. Even though results vary per individual, we care about your success and do everything we can for each patient to help them lose weight. Depending on your results and pre-operative lifestyle, your follow-up appointments can be scheduled for three months, six months, and a year after your procedure.

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Schedule a Consultation at the Tijuana Bariatric Center

For more information about our practice and what we have to offer, be sure to contact our weight loss surgery center today by emailing us or calling 800-970-0577. The team at Tijuana Bariatric Center will work closely with you to help you lose weight and look your absolute best.

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