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At Tijuana Bariatric Center, we offer safe, state-of-the-art bariatric surgery that leads to rapid weight loss. By utilizing the latest available technology, we ensure the safest and most effective weight loss results. Advancements in laparoscopic surgical techniques have made weight loss surgery more viable than ever before for many patients. As you may not be familiar with the term, here are some basics about laparoscopic surgery and its benefits.

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Understanding Single Incision Surgery (Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy)

SILS is a rapidly evolving, advanced, and minimally invasive technique used in bariatric surgery to ease post-operative pain and reduce complications. During traditional laparoscopic surgery, surgeons make four to five incisions in the abdomen to access the digestive tract. SILS gastric sleeve builds on this foundation but uses a single incision hidden by the belly button instead of multiple openings.  While the procedure takes slightly longer and lasts approximately one hour, the recovery is very similar to the traditional version of the procedure. Patients can rest assured that the doctors within the Tijuana Bariatric Center network are highly qualified to provide safe and successful laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

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What Are the Benefits of SILS?

Single-incision laparoscopic surgery is a less invasive surgery technique that is used in many other surgeries, allowing for reduced risks and faster recovery times. Creating only a single small incision, your surgeon can insert the instruments he needs to complete the operation quickly and with less stress and scarring for patients.

  • Minimal Invasiveness – A single incision gastric sleeve in Tijuana only requires one small incision inside the belly button. A tiny camera is then inserted, which allows your doctor to navigate precisely without creating a large incision and scar.
  • Improved Surgical and Recovery Experience – Because the procedure is less invasive, you can typically expect a shorter recovery time, minimized discomfort, and reduced risk of complications. Additionally, the discreet incision leads to little to no scarring.
    Significant Weight Loss – Achieving your weight loss goals has many life-changing advantages, including boosting your self-confidence, reducing your risk of obesity-related health issues, and improving your overall health.
  • Reduced Blood Loss – Since laparoscopic surgery only involves the use of small incisions, much less bleeding occurs during the surgical procedure. This is better for the patient as it helps reduce the risk of complications during a procedure that otherwise may require blood transfusions.
  • Reduced Infection Risk – With open surgery, the potential for infection can be high because of the exposure of the internal organs during a procedure. Thanks to laparoscopic techniques, there is a reduced risk of infections after surgery since the internal organs are not exposed during an operation.
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Determining Your Candidacy

As you can see, laparoscopic surgery is a great option to consider for bariatric procedures. Not all patients are candidates, however, which is why you will need to undergo a thorough evaluation. Patients should exceed their ideal body weight by approximately 30%. Additionally, candidates should understand the full importance of the procedure, including risks and complications. We’re proud to offer laparoscopic surgery to our patients and are more than happy to discuss your weight loss surgery options in more detail during a consultation. By doing so, you’ll be able to get the answers you need to be confident in your decision to undergo bariatric surgery.


Candidates must have a BMI between 34 and 39. A BMI over 40 requires more extensive surgery.

Prior Surgeries

You cannot have had more than two abdominal surgeries, as it can increase your risk of complications.

Commitment to Weight Loss

To achieve the best outcome, you must be committed to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

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Dr. Fernando Garcia – A Precision-Minded, Board-Certified Bariatric Authority 

Dr. Fernando Garcia is among a select few board-certified bariatric surgeons in North America qualified to perform this technically difficult procedure. With over 10,000 successful bariatric procedures completed and over a decade of surgical expertise, he is considered a leading authority in his field. He is deeply passionate about elevating patient quality of life and allowing overweight individuals to reclaim their self-confidence, mobility, and peace of mind.

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and Approach

Because Dr. Garcia experienced his own weight loss journey, he understands firsthand how frustrating it can be to turn to one failed solution after another. Many patients who have not found success at other practices discover Tijuana Bariatric Center and are finally able to achieve the weight loss they always envisioned. Dr. Garcia has designed a comprehensive program that goes far beyond surgery to include dietary counseling, peer support, and extensive email follow-up, ensuring patients are able to maintain their results over time.

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Educational Background
and training

Dr. Garcia completed multiple elite Fellowships in gastric sleeve surgery, minimally invasive gastric bypass surgery, and LAP-BAND procedures. He holds a Licensed Physician Degree through the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo. He completed his residency in General Surgery at Hospital General (General Hospital), endorsed by Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC). Currently, Dr. Garcia serves as a professor of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, and for over a decade, he has been on staff at the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.

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I had my Surgery 8/2/2022 – best experience ever. Dr. Garcia and his staff are amazing. The facility is well-organized and very clean. I have lost 43 lb since my pre-op diet. I feel much healthier and had no complications at all. I recommend Tijuana Bariatrics 100%.

— Edna Tamayo

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How is SILS Performed?

While SILS can be paired with many bariatric surgeries, it is mostly used with restrictive gastric sleeve surgery. After making the incision, your surgeon will remove 80 percent of the stomach to reduce its capacity. As a result, patients experience less hunger and fill up faster at meals. During a SILS procedure, your surgeon will use a thin fiber-optic camera attached to a monitor, which acts as a visual aid. The single incision is known as a "port" and acts as the primary point of access for the entire procedure. Due to his advanced training, Dr. Garcia can use specialized instruments passed through this port to perform the gastric sleeve procedure with little to no visible scarring.

Your BMI:

The Single Incision Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure At A Glance

  • Anesthesia – During the first step of your procedure, the doctor will place you under general anesthesia to ensure your comfort.
  • Incision – Your surgeon will create a single incision in your belly button and situate the port.
    Sleeve Surgery – A portion of your stomach will be removed, and the remaining section will be shaped into an oblong tube.
  • Final Steps – Your new stomach will be sealed, and the incision in your belly button will be closed.
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What Does The Recovery Process Entail?

Because a single-incision laparoscopic sleeve only requires a single incision, patients enjoy little to no scarring. Surgeons can make the incision either within or around the belly button to ensure that scars are as discreet as possible.

After SILS, patients typically return home the same day and resume light activities within 1-2 days. Most will take off at least one week to rest and recuperate. Diet-wise, patients will need to consume liquids or mashed foods for 2-3 weeks, slowly adding in soft food and eventually regular food over time. After 6 weeks, most patients resume eating normal food.

Remember that Dr. Garcia and his team will provide a detailed aftercare regimen, including post-op meal plans and access to online support groups. Your treatment doesn’t stop once your surgery is over. Every team member at Tijuana Bariatric Center is committed to your long-term success and goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the highest quality of care – and aftercare – possible.

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By choosing to undergo a single-incision gastric sleeve surgery with the Tijuana Bariatric Center, you can expect to pay just a fraction of the cost you would pay for bariatric surgery in the U.S. 

For more information about bariatric surgery and how it can help you achieve a trimmer and slimmer frame, be sure to contact our weight loss surgery center today. The team at Tijuana Bariatric Center looks forward to your visit. You can call us at 800 970-0577.

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