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Everything was perfect

Best decision I’ve ever made! That’s it in a nutshell, but let’s break it down. #1. Best Dr. I looked into several before I chose Dr Garcia. One of the things I appreciated was that I did not have to sign a transfusion release. I feel that says a lot about the quality of surgeon you get. He’s not relying on being able to transfuse you if he’s a little too aggressive in surgery. He uses his technique that I can only assume he has nearly perfected. This was my main reason for choosing him. #2. Friendly staff. From the moment I sent in my interest, I got the best service from Martha. #3. Value. Let’s face it, here in the states, you either have to jump through hoops, pay a fortune, or be told you don’t weigh enough for surgery. Why would we put ourself through that. Dr Garcia has made the process easy! #4. Cleanliness. The hospital is spotless. Everything was perfect.
All in all, the value and quality of service is worth every penny, and then some. Choose Dr Garcia for this service, you will not regret it!!

Kelley Silveira

The entire staff and process was amazing

What an amazing experience. I am 5 months post op and down 100lbs. The care I received while in Mexico was more than anything I could have asked for. The entire staff and process was amazing. I’ll be going back with family members!

Justin Pitts

Fantastic experience

I had a fantastic experience with Dr Garcia at Tijuana Bariatric. Great staff and care! I feel better than ever at 6 months post op and down 65 pounds

Jennifer Dobachesky

I feel fantastic

I had my surgery by Dr Garcia 10 months ago . I am down 102 pounds and my life is so wonderful. . I watch what I eat everyday and enjoy my life to the fullest without thinking of food ! I could hardly walk or breathe and now I’m outside cutting grass, working with plants indoors and I haven’t been this happy in many years . I feel fantastic . Best hospital, Doctor and nurses in Tijuana ! I’m a nurse in the US and I would do it all over again in Tijuana . Thank you Tijuana Bariatric Team !!!

Roxanne Weppner

Dr Garcia and staff was amazing!!

Brenda Daring

Dr Garcia is amazing!!!

Judy Godsey

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March 31, 2019

Gastric sleeve
Gastric Sleeve Surgery
7 days post-op

Post Op Day 7
Pre-op weight 252 lbs
Post surgery 244 lbs
Post op Day 7 232 lbs
I had amazing experience with Dr. Garcia’s staff. They were extremely knowledgeable and the bedside manner was excellent.


October 17, 2018

Incredible Care
Gastric Sleeve Surgery
5 months post-op

I was well cared for and impressed by the service I received in Mexico. do not hesitate to travel to Tijuana for medical care. I had a VSG procedure done on May 18, 2018, by Dr. Garcia. My recovery was quick and I have been losing weight steadily since having the procedure. It's a new way of life and an adjustment but I am happy with my choice.


May 10, 2019

No Rating Included
VSG in Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Surgery
6 days post-op

Hi everyone, I am nervous about sharing, as I am such a private person, but here I find myself sharing because I have found it so helpful to read the review and stories of others, and I hope to contribute to help others if I can.

I decided to get the gastric sleeve surgery because I have tried just about everything except bariatric surgery. I would always lose a bit of weight and then slowly gain it back. It just always felt like my body would acclimate and get used to whatever changes that I made that were working. I am well aware this is no easy way out, and I am willing to put in the hard work.

My surgery date is May 17th 2019, and after much deliberation I decided to go with Dr. Garcia. My CW is 213 and I am 5' 1 ft tall. I will do my best to keep you posted! Wish me luck!

Updated on 13 May 2019:
Hey, just updating you guys. I realized I had not told you my age or BMI, so I guess I will start with that, I am 28 and my current BMI is 40.2, uuugh, that was tough to admit. I am also 5' 1. I am currently on my pre-op diet, the Dr. Reccomended a 1 week pre op for me consisting of a protein shake for breakfast, another for lunch and then protein(chicken or white fish) and green veggies for dinner.

I started pre-op doing salads for dinner and i would end up having food cravings and still feeling hungry in the evening. Today I decided to change it up and I made a homeade chicken soup, and I must say I am feeling so much more satisfied. I also picked up some sugar free jello to snack on just in case. Between those two things I am feeling much better about pre-op. Two days prior to surgery I am supposed to switch to protein shakes and broth only, and the day before clear liquids only. Wish me luck!

Updated on 16 May 2019:
Ok so its the night before surgery. Yikes! My husband and I flew in to San Diego today, and were shuttled across the border. The driver was very nice, and everyone at the Marriot hotel in Tijuana has been so kind and hospitable. The hotel is really nice, it feels almost like a vacation.

So about tomorrow, I am nervous but also ready to start this new chapter in my life. I will definitely keep you guys posted about how surgery goes tomorrow! 🙂

Updated on 17 May 2019:
It is 5:41 in the morning, and we are getting ready to check out of the hotel, because the driver us going to pick us up and take us to the hospital at 6:45. They are going to do our pre-ops and then checking into our hospital rooms. Dr. Garcia doesnt start doing surgeries until 2:00 pm. Last night my nerves got to me and I did not sleep a wink. Its going to be a long day. I'll update after surgery.

Updated on 18 May 2019:
I am now 1 day post op, I went in for surgery at about 6:00 yesterday. I went in for the single incision but the surgeon deemed that it would be better for me to do the standard procedure.

Yesterday was rough all the way around. They bring you to the hospital at 7:00 am for pre-ops and then surgeries do not start until 2:00. I did not go in until 6:00 so it was a very long day of waiting, you are not able to eat or drink at all on surgery day, and honestly my nerves were so bad that I wasnt hungry anyways. My anxiety was acting up really badly, I wasnt able to sleep the night before sugery, or while waiting for surgery. I finally broke down and asked for some medication. They sent Dr. Paola Velazco in to talk to me and she was so kind, and she prescribed me something to help calm my nerves and help me to rest.

After surgery I woke up in recovery i was there for about 45 minutes after waking up then they took me back to my room it was about midnight. I was in pretty bad pain as well as intense nausea for a few hours which kept me from being able to sleep. I finally broke down and asked for medication, they brought me one for pain and one for nausea. The problem was that everytime it wore off, I'd have to ask for more. So I did not rest very well, I would wake up in pain, or with intense nausea with stomach spasms or both. In the morning my nurses changed and Dr. Perez came and checked on me, from then on they have been very attentive to staying on top of my pain meds without me even having to ask which has been nice. He changed my prescription for anti nausea because the other wasnt working very well. Its been going pretty well today and little by little i am feeling better.

In the morning at around 8:30 they came to take me to do a keak test, all went well with that and then they cleared me to have clear liquids. But honestly I am not hungry and I'm nervous to drink. They told me that I've got to start getting my liquids down or they wont be able to release me so now I am doing my best to do that. So far, no stomach spasms caused by the drinking, which was one of my worries. All of the nurses and Doctors are very kind and accommodating.

Updated on 21 May 2019:
Hi everyone, right now I am sitting at the San Diego airport waiting for my return flight home. I am doing well and feeling pretty good too! I tried leaving any good advice I was able to from my experience to help make anyone elses better, the one thing I havent added that I could was that the Marriot in Tijuana has scented toilet paper, and I reccomend bringing your own cottonelle wipies or something even baby wipes, the fragrance in the toilet paper was irritating to my skin. The hotel was lovely and every one was very accommodating, they are used to serving baractric patients, they said they work with 5 different medical facilities which I thought was cool. If any one has any questions I'd be happy to answer.

Updated on 25 May 2019:
Hey guys, I am one week post op and I am feeling pretty well, just very tired. I have been doing well with my fluids, I've been sticking to my watered down apple juice, homeade beef soup broth and popsicles. I just started incorporating my first protein drink and so far so good. After surgery, while in hospital due to the inflammation of a fresh surgery and all of the iv fluids, I gained 4 lbs, putting me at 216. Since then, now at one week post op, I am down to 207. Not bad, I'm on my way:) my incisions are looking good too, my drain tube hole is still not closed up yet, so I have been keeping gauze over it, but the other incisions just have steristrips and are looking great. I've had minimal bruising.

Updated on 31 May 2019:
So today is 2 weeks post op, I am feeling pretty good, i am having a hard time getting in the reccomended amount of water in, so to help with this I've made myself another chicken soup broth. Incisions are looking good, itching just a little. Yesterday was the first day that I wasnt insanely tired and in bed half the day. I'm feeling much better today but I find that I get tired quick after running an errand or too, I'm ready to just go home and relax.

HW 213
SW 212
WK 1 207
WK 2 203
Total loss 10lbs

Updated on 27 Jun 2019:
Hi everyone, these photos are from my 5 week post op mark, I'm just late posting. Sorry, I've been super busy! I'm feeling pretty good, still struggling to get 64 oz of water in daily. I know in my last posts I talked about being really tired. Now most of the tiredness has subsided. 🙂 I have started eating "normal" food again and I tolerate it pretty well. I steering clear of crunchy, fried foods and dense meats.

At my 5 week weigh in I weighed 193 lbs, bringing my total loss since surgery to 20 lbs! I'm really happy with my progress so far:).

Updated on 10 Aug 2019:
Hi everyone, I didnt realize its been so long since I've updated, time just flies by! I am currently 12 weeks out and I have lost 32 lbs since surgery, which makes my current weight 181 lbs. I am really excited and happy with my progress.

Updated on 10 Aug 2019:
Opps, I forgot to add a Side profile picture, I forgot to add this to my 12 week update. Excuse the bathing suit tag. I cannot even believe I bought a two piece swimsuit and actually feel confident enough to wear it. Its been ages!
GW- I dont know yet, Im thinking around 120 lbs, I am 5 feet tall.

Updated on 10 Aug 2019:
Opps, I forgot to add a Side profile picture, I forgot to add this to my 12 week update. Excuse the bathing suit tag. I cannot even believe I bought a two piece swimsuit and actually feel confident enough to wear it. Its been ages!
GW- I dont know yet, Im thinking around 120 lbs, I am 5 feet tall

Updated on 1 Sep 2019:
Hey everyone! I just wanted to share that its happened to me, *sigh*... the dreaded post vsg hairloss has started. About 2 weeks ago I noticed is when it started, right at the 3 month post op mark. I am hoping it stops soon, but from what I have read, it could be a few months. 🙁 Even though I am experiencing this side effect. I still feel getting the VSG has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel so much better, more confident, healthier, more comfortable in my own skin psychologically and physically.

My current weight is 177 lbs, bringing my total loss as of today to 36 lbs.


November 6, 2017

No Rating Included
38, Low Bmi, Married W/4 Kids Excited and Nervous! Gastric Sleeve Single Incision - Let's Do This!

Gastric Sleeve Surgery
2 days post-op
Looking to take back control of my weight. Hoping to use the Gastric sleeve to make it happen. As a mother of four my own desire have been on the back burner. Now I'm putting me first! Even though I have a low bmi my weight has been on the climb and I want to do this before I've wasted time enjoying life. I love adventure and don't want my weight to get in the way of that.

Updated on 6 Nov 2017:
2 days till surgery.... I am very nervous and my hubby too. Heading to Mexico alone for surgery. If you'd told me a few years ago that I would be doing this I wouldn't have believed you. Hubby and I decided that it would be easier on our kids for him to stay home and since I don't want to tell anyone else I'm flying solo, not literally, I'm driving in. I feel confident in all the reviews I have read that it will be okay. Let me know if anyone has any advice for packing for the trip, drinks for after etc. Anything you wish you would have know prior?

Updated on 10 Nov 2017:
I was so scared I wouldn't wake up from surgery but here I am. I woke up feeling really good. The next day wasn't great because I could keep anything down. Tiny sips of water would come right back up. I tried not to worry too much since I had an iv and knew I was getting fluids. Today day 3 I'm able to drink small sips. Took a shower and feel so much better. Heading to the Marriott hotel later today.

Updated on 11 Nov 2017:
Today is Saturday and surgery was 3pm on Wednesday. I feel no pain on my incisions. I've been dealing with crazy reflux which I've never had before. The Dr. says it's because my stomach is swollen and hopefully it will go away in a month. Until then anti-acids are my friend. Here is a pic of my stomach. I tried cleaning off most of the adhesive.

Updated on 17 Nov 2017:
I did have a lot of reflux my first two days home but it has resolved. I weighed myself at one week out and I am 11 lbs down from before the pre-surgery diet. I already feel way better, lighter, joints feel better. I've been consistently drinking protein water, soup or protein drinks.

Updated on 29 Nov 2017:
Here are my stats...
Sw 191
Cw 173.8
So excited with the result. I feel lighter, my joints feel better. Actually thought about going running today. I was really worried about not being able to chug water but I can take 3 big gulps. I’m not a good sipper. On Thanksgiving I was really worried about eating in front of everyone on. We were hosting some of my family and I haven’t told anyone but my husband. We did it buffet style so not everyone was staring at what I served myself and I actually had a few bites of mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing and later a tiny piece of pumpkin pie. I chewed everything very well and took tiny bites to make my eating last longer and no one noticed at all. Now I am starting to be able to eat more soup but that’s ok. I going to start working out more this week because I don’t want to be flabby. You can see the small drain spot and a small scar at the bottom of my belly button but not bad at all. Ok till next time... probably update in a couple weeks.

Updated on 1 Dec 2017:
3 week... looking really good.

Updated on 3 Jan 2018:
Down 25 lbs. Feeling great! Able to eat anything just smaller portions. Feel lighter even went running with my daughter a few times. Ready to hit the gym to make sure I tone up.

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I only saw and visited with Doctor Garcia one time and that was minutes before my surgery. He was very soft spoken and direct. Asked if I had any questions and that was it. But I have to say, because of his expertise and professionalism, I never had a second of anxiety or discomfort after surgery. His entire team, from Ready4aChange Alma and Eduardo, nurses at Florence Hospital to his Assistant surgeon Doctor Velazco, made my WLS a success.


Dr. Fernando Garcia is a wonderful surgeon. Very gentle, little to no bruising. Tomorrow will be one week since my surgery and my incisions almost completely healed, even where the drain tube was. Dr. Garcia has a wonderful bedside manner, very soft spoken and caring. I highly recommend him. In fact, my mom and my daughter are both saving money to have the procedure done and they will both be requesting Dr. Garcia.


On August 5, 2013, I went to Dr Garcia for a revision surgery from sleeve to gastric bypass (RNY). Dr Garcia, Dr Velazco & his entire staff were awesome & very attentive. The hospital was very clean & a close walk to the beach. I'm 4 days away from my 6 month post op date - I was 259 lbs when I started this journey & I'm 169 pounds now. I've lost 90 pounds in under 6 months! I have 44 more to go to goal. I can't say enough good things about Dr Garcia & his staff... Being a paramedic, I was skeptical of having surgery in Mexico. After this experience, I can't recommend it strongly enough! My ONLY regret was that I waited so long to have it done!


My husband Mike had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Garcia on Sept 7, 2012. Everything went great, good, simple hospital, nice nurses, excellent care and doctors. Spent some time afterwards in san diego, can only recommend that. Only minus was that the accompanying person had to sleep on a stretcher or a chair, the rooms are too small for 2 good beds. Otherwise everything is perfect. Mike lost 60 lbs since then, no complications at all.


My highest weight was 344lbs. I had lapband surgery & had a few minor complications. I decided on having revision surgery & came across a few doctors. I researched but didn't like any of them until I came across Dr. Garcia. I was treated with respect & care when I made my appointment to have my revision surgery & once I arrived I was treated with respect, love & care. I arrived at 284lbs the day before surgery & now 1yr later 1/11/13 I am down 75lbs. I am so pleased I decided to go with Dr. Garcia. He did a great job with my revision from lapband to sleeve. I documented my entire journey on youtube while in Mexico & this last year as well. Having my revision surgery saved my life & was the best decision I ever made! Now its my 1yr surgiversary I am 209lbs. Boom!!!


I had a VSG (Vertical Sleeve) with Dr. Garcia on 11/30/12 through Ready4AChange. I was very satisfied with my experience and although I'm only 10 days post-op, so I can't speak to long-term results, I do feel that the procedure was done safely and my side effects have been very minimal. My flight experienced some disruptions and I reached out to Alma who had Samuel, the very friendly driver, immediately change his plans to pick me up in the morning instead. They were so accommodating with the changes. At the hospital, I received first rate service from the nurses, especially pre-op. I was nervous and they noticed, so they gave me some "happy drops" which helped calm me down quite quickly. I met with two lovely doctors who did physicals and ran an EKG. Then, I waited for surgery. I remember being wheeled into the OR and talking with the techs in there, but I do not remember being put under anesthesia. The next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room. I wanted to get up and walk but I was too nauseous, so they made me wait. I made it back to my room and for the next two days was given quite good care by the nursing staff with periodic visits by Dr. Garcia and Dr. Luna. I was then discharged to two days at the hotel, which I found very relaxing. Dr. Garcia has excellent bedside manner and is a very competent surgeon. I was concerned about GERD and fluid intake capabilities during tennis matches, so we went to a 36 fr bougie when the standard is 32 fr. Dr. Luna, the inpatient doctor, is fantastic and very attentive. I was inpatient in a US hospital about 7 years ago and my care level was crap compared to what I received in Tijuana. MI Doctor hospital is small but clean. The wi-fi is blazing fast so bring your enabled devices. The Marriott is a wonderful hotel and the chicken broth is surprisingly delicious. I had a great experience with Dr. Garcia, I hope you do too. Don't hesitate to PM me with any questions. Update on 7/22/2013: I am down from 292# on the day of surgery to 179# (I'm almost 6' tall) and in just 235 days, my life has changed so much for the better. I had my annual physical and my health has dramatically improved. I continue to recommend Dr. Garcia highly.


I'm glad I have my sleeve surgery with Dr. Garcia! I am now a little over two months post-op and down 60lbs. This surgery was the BEST decision I have ever made. Dr. Garcia was very personable, answered all my questions, and performed a excellent job. The hospital was very clean, small, and staff were very friendly. The only downside was that some nurses knew very little English but what do you expect. I was impressed by the constant care I received always got pain meds and something for nausea when needed or I felt uncomfortable. Overall it was a excellent decision. I received the best care their compared to my experiences I've had in the US. Thank you Dr. Garcia!


Words can't describe how happy I am The service, staff were beyond amazing. Dr Garcia is a fantastic choice for anyone considering sleeve. He was warm and friendly, took time to answer questions. 15 out of 10 5 stars! Thank you Dr Garcia!


I can go on and on raving greatthings about Ready for a Change, Dr. Garcia my surgeon, Alma over the phone coordinator, Melissa and Rosie Tijuana up close and in person coordinators, Samuel (our wonderful driver) all of the nurses and physicians onsite a MiDoctor facilities where I had my surgery on down to the Marriott where I rested. You all exceeded my family and I every expectation. All of you were nice, warm, sincere, positive, loving to us complete strangers. The best money I have ever spent for a gift to myself or anyone. If I could give you all trophies for the customer service, loving hearts and beautiful sweet spirits you all posess I would place a million bucks, and a million people inside the trophies so that they could all have the experience and life changing journey I have had thus far with you all! Thank you!


I have fought the fat fight pretty much my entire life and I have lost the battle in the past, but now I am winning. I am seven months post-op gastric sleeve and I feel great. This surgery was the best health decision I have ever made. Dr. Garcia is wonderful and a great surgeon. No more breathlessness, exhaustion, sleep apnea and joint pain. I can play with my 8 year old twins now!!!


I've been overweight all my life, and thanks to Dr. Fernando Garcia I've lost 90 pounds having undergone my gastric sleeve surgery on August 15, 2011. When I arrived at the hospital (Hospital Mi Doctor) in Tijuana, I was amazed at how clean and professional the staff was. My personal experience in Tijuana exceeded my greatest expectations. From the time I arrived in San Diego I was treated with respect and dignity. Everything was taken care of for me. There was very little for me to worry about, which left me able to focus on my surgery. I have a 70 more pounds to reach my goal, and now for the first time I believe I can. Thank You.


I underwent a lap band surgery on August 2006 (not with Dr. Garcia) and for one reason or another it didn't work for me. After some years it started to bother me and decided to look for a doctor to remove the band and maybe try another weight-loss procedure. I can't explain how comfortable I was when I met him, he sounded and looked confident and explained all of my questions. We decided I would go for the lap band removal and a gastric bypass R & Y. He always kept it honest by telling me that if my stomach was too sored or he thought it would put me at a higher risk, we'd have to wait a few moths before the gastric bypass. The lap-band left me with lots of adherences, so he had a hard time removing them and the band. Going for the bypass at that moment would have been too much surgery and risk for me, he decided not to do it. His facility and staff were the best, I have no complains, they treat you as if you were family. I waited around 5 months and went for the bypass on December 9th,2011 just 12 days ago and I can't find words to describe how happy I am as of today. I have not taken any pain medication, i don't have pain, i'm not hungry, I haven't had any minor o mayor complication and I feel great, and as the spoiled person sometimes I am, I love that Dr. Garcia will take my calls anytime I have a question for him. I'm so glad he crossed into my path, give him, but most of all give YOU a chance to know him and learn how great he is and how he can help you change your life. I would trust my life into his hands over and over again.

Marissa A.

i had surgery with dr. garcia on nov 1, 2011. initially, i was a bit apprehensive because there was not a whole lot of info available on this surgeon but all my pre-op questions were answered to my satisfaction and so i decided to go with him. from i landed in san diego the entire trip went smoothly - ricardo the driver/patient care coordinator (he's hilarious) was there promptly to take us across the border. my bf and i spent the first night in hotel ticuan and the room was very nice. he had dinner while i had a salad and the food looked and smelt delicious! early the next morning ricardo drove us to mi doctor, a hospital (not a clinic) where i was processed very quickly and efficiently. some of the nurses speak very limited english but i was able to communicate fine and before long, i was meeting with dr. garcia and his surgical team and very soon thereafter i was sleeved! although my acid reflux flared up a bit from the pain meds i had no pain from my actual sleeve and had to convince the nurses that i really really didn't need any more pain meds lol. i will admit that the feeling from gas used to expand the stomach during the surgery was horrible those first few hours(even though expected) but i immediately started to feel better once i was up and walking. dr. garcia's team of doctors and nurses checked on me periodically during the course of my 2 night stay and were very attentive. in between resting, i watched satellite and used the internet from my room. my bf felt safe enough to explore the area and so he did a bit of shopping and even tried his luck at the hotel casino down the street. dr. garcia updated my bf immediately after the surgery and even emailed my mom back in the bahamas to say that it had went well and i was resting comfortably. after being discharged, i was given a care package and my bf and i went back to hotel ticuan and were out and about buying souvenirs that very same day. there is a pharmacy on the corner (its in a small department store) and i was able to get everything i needed there (extra gatorade and even little gifts). i was also visited at the hotel by the follow up care doctor (dr. ramos i think) who came to check that everything was alright and reminded me that he was accessible by phone or email if ever i had any questions. i have not had any complications and am down 31 lbs. all in all a great experience and i would not hesitate to recommend dr. garcia to anyone considering vsg surgery in mexico.


Dr. Garcia was wonderful. He greeted us all with a handshake and a hug, We were immediately put at ease. Initially, we were told by many to stay away from Tijuana ~~ WHY?? We had a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!! Dr. Garcia was very helpful, knowledgable, and worked wonderfully with our 16 year old daughter. He came in right after the surgery and took us to see her resting very comfortably. He made sure that his orders for her were complete, and that our daughter knew everything that was happening. He told us what to expect, and he was right - yes she had nausea - a bit - and they controlled it quickly, and her pain was never an issue. He showed us the stomach portion that he removed with the Vertical Sleeve Gasrectomy --- as a nurse and to see how "Clean" every thing looked on the removed portion, left no question to how "Clean" her nes stomach was. Every one at the hospital was wonderful ... and Ricardo, our transport and care manager was wonderful!! My "sister" accompanied my daughter and I, and we were never fearful, had the BEST care I could ask for ~~ As a RN for nearly 25 years - I was impressed! The compassion, cleanliness of the hospital, the ability to understand, without a language barrier, and the care and competence of ALL the employees were over the top! Our Daughter also had axillary Botox to stop her perspiration in her armpits -- What a GREAT and positive result she has had with that as well. We are 6 weeks post-op and our daughter has lost 45 pounds, and hasn't sweat a drop! Would I reccomend Dr. Garcia?? ABSOLUTELY.... Worth every penny of the money that we spent for a successful surgery. We liked the Plastic Surgeon as well, He was marvelous, and in fact I wll be going back to Tijauna next summer for some personal plastic surgery myself ... What a GREAT PLACE to go that is so very affordable, and treatment is so good!


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