What is ESG?

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty is a cutting-edge procedure that reshapes your stomach, reducing its capacity. This means you will feel full sooner and stay satisfied longer with smaller portions, leading to weight loss.

The ESG Procedure: What to Expect

  • Preparation: Before the procedure, our team will guide you through any necessary preparations, including dietary adjustments and health evaluations.
  • The Procedure: On the day of the ESG, you will be comfortably sedated. A flexible tube with a camera (an endoscope) and specialized tools are gently guided through your mouth to your stomach. This approach eliminates the need for external cuts or scars.
  • Suturing: Your doctor will carefully place sutures in your stomach, altering its shape to resemble a smaller tube. This technique is designed to limit your calorie intake by restricting the amount of food your stomach can hold.

The Advantages of ESG

Minimally Invasive

ESG is performed without external incisions, promoting quicker recovery times and reducing the risk of complications such as infections or scarring.


While ESG is less invasive, it's still highly effective in achieving significant weight loss. It works by not only limiting food intake but also by potentially influencing hormones that control hunger.

Health Benefits

Beyond weight loss, ESG can help improve obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

ESG vs. Traditional Surgery: A Safer Alternative

ESG offers similar benefits to a surgical sleeve gastrectomy but with several advantages due to its minimally invasive nature, including:

  • Reduced risk of complications.
  • No need for external incisions, which means no scarring.
  • Typically, a shorter hospital stay and a faster return to daily activities.
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I went to have surgery 2 weeks ago. I had the best experience. The doctors, nurses, lab people and housekeepers were all professional. The hospital was clean. I was very impressed compared to some hospitals in the States. I would do it again! I also loved Google Translate, which the nurses had on their phones and I had on mine. The nurses were always in my room giving me medication and IV fluids. I’m a nurse myself and was very impressed.  I couldn’t have asked for better care from Dr. Garcia, Atallia and Linda. Also any questions I had prior to surgery were answered by Martha. I would definitely recommend the Tijuana Bariatric Center.

— Roxanne Weppner

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Potential Risks and Considerations

While ESG is safer, it's important to understand all aspects of the procedure. Some patients may experience new or worsened reflux or less weight loss compared to more invasive surgeries. During your consultation, we'll discuss these factors in detail to ensure ESG in San Diego is the right fit for you.

Long-Term Success with ESG

Achieving and maintaining weight loss with ESG involves a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Our dedicated team, including dietitians and support staff, will be there to support you through every step of your journey, from pre-procedure preparation to post-procedure care and lifestyle adjustments.

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Why Choose Tijuana Bariatric Center for Your ESG?

  • Expertise: Our surgeons are skilled in the latest bariatric techniques, ensuring you receive top-quality care.
  • Comprehensive Care: We offer a holistic approach to weight loss, supporting you before, during, and after your procedure.
  • Affordability: We provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or safety.
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