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Gastric Sleeve - Laura's Story

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Success Story: I wasn't always overweight. I used to be slim and back then I thought "I am so fat" Boy what I wouldn't give to have a talk with that silly girl. Let's go back in history some. My mom had gastric bypass 10 years ago and lost around 125 lbs. I remember wanting to have it done so bad after she did however my insurance didn't pay for it and I had just had my son. Fast forward 9 1/2 years, my daughter models and we were on a plane to a shoot in CA and I was looking at the Delta Magazine and there it was .... Medical treatment out of the country!! Why hadn't I heard about this before?!?!

Once we were home I looked up all I could on this option. Researched many doctors and information about Dr. Garcia, within two months I was on a plane back to CA with my mom to have my dream surgery!!!!!

May 17, 2012.... I got up so very excited! My baby was graduating Pre-K then I was leaving for the airport! We arrived in San Diego at 6 PM and the driver was on his way to get us. I was worried that I would be nervous and scared but I wasn't. I was just so happy that the time was finally here. He was so nice and smelled wonderful lol ! I remember my mom telling him that and he laughed and was happy that after the long day he had had he was still smelling good!

I had never been to Mexico and when we crossed the border it was so neat to see everything. The driver answered any questions we had on the ride to the Marriott. Once we arrived at the Marriott we was treated like royalty! We didn't lift anything, they did it all. It was so wonderful.

The beds were HEAVEN!! Since I arrived late there was a note from the onsite coordinator telling me what time to be down stairs in the morning. We got settled in and went to bed. May 18,2012.... I was downstairs by 9 am for the ride to the hospital.

Once I arrived at the hospital we filled out some forms and did labs. After I was settled in my room several drs came in to talk to me and the nurse did all the prep work. Dr. Garcia came in to see if I had any questions or needed anything for my nerves. I was calm as could be so he suggested since my surgery was scheduled last that I take a nap.

When it was my time to go the wheeled me back and the anesthesiology asked if I was nervous. I said "Nope, Let's get this show on the road!" When I woke up they asked me to slide onto the bed in my room. I remember walking a lot and sleeping a lot. If I wasn't sleeping I was walking.

I have to say that I have never been treated so good. It was an amazing experience and I would do it again!!! Oct. 6, 2012....As I sit here writing this I think about all that has change in 4 1/2 short months.

I am the assistant cheerleading coach for my daughters group! I can walk 2 miles and still breath! I can run and play with my kids! I got my thyroid meds lowered! I am healthy! I am HAPPY!!! I have lost 86.2 lbs so far and I am still going. I have 30.5 lbs to be at the goal my Dr. set for me.

It is amazing and crazy all in the same! I thank Dr. Garcia and his staff for all they did for me!! You all gave me the life I had tried so hard to get back! Thank you so much!!! If anyone has question please feel free to email me. [email protected]. Much Love, Laura

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