Is Gastric Plication Surgery for You?

Let's take a moment to go over the basics of gastric sleeve plication and how it works. We'll then consider good candidates for the surgery and who may benefit most from this approach to surgical weight loss.

About Gastric Sleeve Plication

Gastric sleeve plication is a type of weight loss procedure that reduces the size of a person's stomach. During this procedure, a bariatric surgeon creates a fold or a series of folds in the patient's stomach. Carefully using sutures, these folds on the stomach are then sewed. This process makes the stomach smaller, meaning patients feel full sooner and reduce their average calorie consumption throughout the day.

Gastric sleeve plication is similar to a sleeve gastrectomy (removal of part of the stomach to make it smaller) and a banding procedure (cinching part of the stomach off with a silicone band).

General Candidacy for Gastric Sleeve Plication

Good candidates for gastric sleeve plication are people who are obese or morbidly obese who have been unable to lose weight through natural means and have struggled to do so for at least a year. Candidates for this bariatric procedure may also be suffering from an obesity-related health issue, such as diabetes or hypertension. They should not suffer from any medical problems that would make a bariatric procedure a potential health risk.

Ideal BMI for Gastric Sleeve Plication

Most people who are good candidates for sleeve plication have a BMI of 30 to 40. This places them in the moderately obese to severely obese range. If a person has a BMI of 40 or higher, a gastric sleeve plication may not be ideal for them. This will need to be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis to ensure the safety of the patient and the effectiveness of the weight loss procedure.

Understanding the Risks and Benefits

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Good candidates for any sort of weight loss procedure must have a good understanding of the risks and benefits that are involved in the process. By knowing the risks and benefits ahead of time, patients are more likely to follow pre-op and post-op instructions to prevent complication. In addition, weighing the pros and cons in this way allows patients to have realistic expectations about the nature of the surgery and the overall results.

Commitment to Improving Overall Lifestyle

The key to success with bariatric surgery is changing your life for the better. The ideal candidates for bariatric surgery are people who are willing to change their lives for the better. That means eating right, exercising more, and avoiding unhealthy activities such as smoking.

Weight loss procedures such as the gastric sleeve plication are just the first big step in a journey. Patients must be serious and brave about this bold adventure that they are going on and the better world that awaits them.

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