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What Can You Drink after a Gastric Sleeve?

It’s vital for gastric sleeve and other weight loss surgery patients to understand what they can and cannot consume after the procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Diet Before and After a Gastric Sleeve

Preparing for your life following gastric sleeve will be exciting yet challenging as you lose weight and your new body emerges.

Gastric Sleeve Regrets – Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana

Does anyone genuinely regret undergoing gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight?

Scarring: How Your Stomach Will Look After Weight Loss Surgery

Most bariatric surgeries leave little to no scarring, yet the possibility of visible scars is real as scars are part of the body’s healing process.

What Does a Gastric Sleeve Leak Feel Like?

A gastric leak occurs when a hole or gap develops somewhere along the staple line closure that your bariatric surgeon used to create the banana-like stomach pouch to help you eat less.

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

We’ll take you through the mental preparation necessary along with the items you’ll need for a comfortable post-op recovery.

Types of a Weight Loss Surgery – What Option is the Best for Me?

Anyone considering surgery to treat obesity has a dizzying array of choices. Over the last several decades, thousands of patients have undergone weight loss procedures when they haven’t been successful with diet and exercise alone to lose weight.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

Gastric Bypass patients average two to five days in the hospital following the procedure. Those who undergo surgery laparoscopically experience a shorter hospital stay. Experiencing fatigue, nausea and vomiting, sleeplessness, light-headedness, abdominal pain, flatulence, and emotional swings are natural in the first few days.

What is a Pouch Reset – Get Back on Track: Diet and Meal Plan

Essentially, a pouch reset mimics the post-bariatric surgery diet given to you by your surgeon and dietician. Contrary to popular opinion, a pouch diet will not “shrink” your stomach long-term.

Tips to Stay Fit Despite Having a Chronic Illness

It is vital that those who suffer from a chronic disease understand how to minimize the adverse effects of their illness to add years to their lives and increase their ability to perform any tasks.

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