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At Tijuana Bariatrics Center, your health and financial security are extremely important to us. We provide you with high-quality bariatric medical care at top-rated facilities without cutting corners. However, we go beyond simply saving your money by including Medical Tourism Insurance Coverage up to $3,000 for all of our weight loss surgery patients at no additional cost.

You read that correctly. Medical tourism insurance is not an add-on cost but part of your package when you elect to have Dr. Fernando Garcia perform your bariatric procedure. Our patients come to Mexico to improve their health and their lives, yet at the same time, they also want peace of mind. Tijuana Bariatric Center is the only corporation in Mexico that includes medical tourism insurance with your procedure. By providing this special coverage, it’s one way that we can ease patient concerns while getting the health care they require while abroad. With less to worry about, patients can focus on resting, contemplating their new path to wellness, and the positive outcomes ahead.

Medical Tourism Coverage for Peace of Mind

Traveling abroad for bariatric, dental, and plastic surgical procedures is a common practice known as "medical tourism". Medical travel is an ideal opportunity to save money thanks to currency conversion rates and the strength of the dollar. When patients undergo treatment at Tijuana Bariatric Center, the treatments they undergo are safe, cost-effective, and yield great results.

No matter where surgery is performed, unforeseen medical complications may arise. When a patient is abroad, the concern and uncertainty over these issues can increase. Ultimately, anyone who undergoes an invasive procedure like bariatric surgery wants to know that the medical team that they trust is also looking out for their personal investment in themselves and their wellness.

How Medical Tourism Coverage Works

Our insurance policy covers you against excess costs incurred due to any unforeseen situation during their medical procedure and stay in Mexico. Sometimes complications can occur in the days following the procedure. Sutures or staples can come loose or leakage can occur somewhere in the altered digestive tract. This insurance might cover chest x-rays and other testing expenses that may occur, as well as readmission to the hospital, if necessary. It also covers additional hotel charges and airline change fees if you must stay longer in Tijuana, up to a total of $3,000 U.S. dollars

Tijuana Bariatric Center believes that patients visiting Mexico for their weight loss procedure should feel reassured in their choice, which adds to safety and comfort at the start of the weight loss journey. Restrictions to medical tourism coverage do apply as some pre-existing conditions are not covered. Our staff can discuss the insurance policy and restrictions in greater detail when you set up a virtual consultation with Tijuana Bariatric Center.

Putting the Patient First

In addition to coverage for medical tourism patients, Tijuana Bariatric Center provides for other amenities and services that put the needs of the patient first. All surgeries are performed in full-service hospitals using state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Following weight loss surgery, patients will rest and recover in the hospital in special rooms designed to ensure comfort and relaxation. We monitor patients for several days to prevent early complications. You’ll also be able to consult with our surgeon and nutritionists to learn about follow-up care, diet, and exercise after bariatric surgery.


Finally, if the cost of bariatric surgery proves too much of a hurdle for your household, we offer financing options to ease the burden of surgical care and get you started on your new, healthier life.

The Time for a New Start Is Now

Thousand of successful and happy patients have undergone weight loss surgery with Dr. Garcia since we included medical tourism insurance coverage with our surgeries beginning in early 2017. All of our patients benefit from the financial security that this coverage brings. If you have considered bariatric surgery in Mexico but have hesitated because of the possible cost of complications, consider this a chance to go forward with the right decision and take the first step toward a healthier tomorrow.

Learn More about Weight Loss Surgery

The most successful weight loss patients are the ones who are the most informed about bariatric procedures and their options. Don’t hesitate any longer. Contact Tijuana Bariatric Center today at 800-970-0577 to schedule a virtual consultation and learn more about your weight loss surgery options and our included medical tourism insurance of up to $3000.

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