Reasons for Revision Surgery

Even though most bariatric surgeries are successful and patients are satisfied with the results, sometimes the surgery doesn’t fully succeed. In such cases, we consider revision bariatric surgery that either alters the initial weight loss procedure or completely changes that initial procedure into a different type of weight loss procedure.

Every surgical revision is tailed to the needs of the patient. Our staff will carefully evaluate you before considering revision bariatric surgery. This evaluation typically involves an upper GI series to check the anatomy of your stomach or intestines and a nutritional assessment to review your eating habits and lifestyle.

Revision Procedures to Address Failure of Initial Surgery

The most common reason for revisional bariatric surgery is inadequate weight loss. Failure following initial surgery is defined as achieved or maintaining less than 50% of excess weight loss over 18 to 24 months following the initial procedure. This is frustrating, especially given the nature of the procedure. In these cases, we evaluate performing revision surgery to further reduce caloric intake and/or caloric absorption to jump start further weight loss.

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Revision Procedures to Problems with Initial Surgery

In other cases, a patient may experience good weight loss but a complication following surgery occurs. The Lap Band procedure has the highest rate of revision, caused by a slipping of the band, which can lead to nausea and vomited, or the destruction of stomach tissue. Other problems can also occur, with the revision procedure focusing on addressing those issues and preventing further problems from occurring. Problems that require revision include:

  • The formation of an opening between the stomach pouch and the bypassed stomach that causes abdominal pain, fever and a rapid heart rate
  • Leaking staple lines, which can also cause abdominal and back pain pelvic pressure, hiccups, fever and a rapid heart rate

Revision Procedures to Improve Initial Weight Loss

Sometimes patients who undergo bariatric surgery lose weight, but they do not lose much or they lose it slowly. In some cases, weight loss plateaus with the patients not losing or gaining weight and remaining obese. There are some cases where the level of weight loss plateaus, with a patient not losing or gaining any more weight even though they are still obese. In these instances, revision may be performed to bypass more of the small intestine or one procedure may be converted into another to promote additional weight loss.

Revision Procedures to Lose Weight That's Been Regained

It's not uncommon for people to regain some of the weight they lost following a bariatric surgery. Research shows that the size of the stomach can double following bariatric surgery, which can eventually cause patients to begin regaining weight and even become obese again. A revision procedure helps keep that returning weight off.

Revision Procedures to Address Health and Wellness Problems

When any health or wellness problem arises after a bariatric surgery, a revision procedure may be just what's needed to help alleviate it. For example, about 20% of patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery experience acid reflux. Sometimes the size and positioning of the stomach tube needs revision when this problem is severe. Revision procedures can also help other problems that develop such as ulcers and the inability to absorb enough vitamins and minerals leading to bone loss and other problems.

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