This surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) is a type of weight loss procedure that is restrictive in nature. By that we mean that it restricts the number of calories that can be consumed in a single sitting because the size of the stomach is smaller, while also reducing sensations of hunger.

This contrasts with malabsorptive weight loss surgeries (i.e., procedures that reduce calorie absorption during digestion such as biliopancreatic diversion and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch) and procedures that mix restrictive and malabsorptive approaches such as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

To achieve restrictive weight loss, the size of the stomach is reduced surgically to a small pouch so that only small amounts of food may be eaten at a single sitting. We at Tijuana Bariatric Center believe in the immense potential of this procedure, which is why we'll outline who makes a good candidate for the procedure as well as its numerous benefits.

General Candidates for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Good candidates for gastric sleeve surgery are people who are obese and morbidly obese and would like to lose weight quickly and safely. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from conditions that would make a surgical weight loss procedure a risky proposition.
Generally, this procedure is a good option for patients who have:

  • Made repeated unsuccessful efforts to lose weight through diet and exercise
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of 32 or higher
  • Have a BMI of 35 or higher along with a serious weight-related problem such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, severe sleep apnea or severe joint and back problems.

Obese lady before and after gastric bypass surgeryEase and Safety

One of the great qualities of the gastric sleeve is that the procedure is safe and relatively easy. A bariatric surgeon simply reduces the size of the stomach. There is no need to alter more of the digestive tract, and no need to band part of the stomach as with the lap band and make periodic necessary adjustments. It’s as easy as reducing the size of the stomach. It also doesn’t have some of the long-term risks that gastric bypass has while being almost as effective.

Less Invasive Than Other Approaches

Malabsorptive and mixed restrictive/malabsorptive weight loss surgeries can be quite invasive, especially when a procedure is done as an open surgery instead of laproscopically. Malabsorptive procedures involve rerouting the small intestine and creating separate pouches of the stomach to serve different purposes with regard to digestion. These kinds of procedures can be quite invasive, leading to greater risk of complications such as infections and nutritional deficiencies. Thankfully the gastric sleeve avoids these issues. It's one procedure and addresses just the stomach.

Future Medical Issues Less Likely

While gastric banding may seem to be a good alternative to the gastric sleeve procedure, the latter has some downsides. During a gastric band procedure, part of the stomach is cinched off with a silicone band to reduce stomach size. Potential downsides include the need to adjust the band if it slips out of place, thus requiring an additional procedure to put the band back into place. Additional surgeries also mean additional cost for the patient. Revision surgeries are rare with a gastric sleeve.

Improved Long-Term Health and Wellness

The most important benefit of the gastric sleeve option is that it can help you lose weight and feel great about yourself. This can prevent major health problems down the road, and prolong your life in the process. In addition, most gastric sleeve patients don’t have the same level of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that those who undergo malabsorptive bariatric surgeries can encounter. It’s easy to see why we, as well as our patients feel so strongly about the possibilities of this surgery.

Learn More About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

To learn more about gastric sleeve surgery and if you are a good candidate, contact our weight loss surgery center today by calling 800-970-0577. We look forward to your visit and helping you lose weight quickly and safely.

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