What Causes Obesity?

The causes of obesity are numerous. As one of the leading worldwide health problems, this affliction has been linked with a number of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and even dementia. Those within a healthy weight range who have any of the above conditions already have a serious problem but the added problem of

obesity can make for life-threatening conditions, especially for severely obese patients. The World Health Organization indicates that obesity has more than doubled worldwide since 1980 and is responsible for nearly three million deaths each year.

What causes obesity; is it preventable? Obesity can result from something as simple as overeating or it may link to medication or a medical condition. It's causes can be the result of something as simple as excessive food intake or be linked to a medical condition or medication. However, it is preventable.

Common Causes of Obesity

The following are some of the leading causes of obesity:


If you have a family history of obesity, it means that the genes you inherited may affect the amount of body fat you store and where it is distributed. Genetics also plays a role in how efficiently your body converts food into energy, how hungry you feel, and how many calories you burn during exercise. You will most likely have a greater chance of struggling with weight. Family members also tend to share similar eating and activity habits.


Some pharmaceutical drugs that treat diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, allergies, and inflammation can cause weight gain. Steroids and antidepressants can also add pounds.


Certain medical conditions and diseases, like hypothyroidism, Cushing’s Disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, insulin resistance, and leptin resistance can cause gradual weight gain.

Poor Diet and Exercise

An unhealthy diet high in calories, lacking fruits and vegetables, full of fast food, high-calorie beverages, and oversized portions contribute to weight gain. People can consume many calories from alcohol without feeling full. If you get little physical activity, spending most of your time in front of a computer or television screen, getting little regular exercise can also significantly contribute to weight gain.

Stress and Emotional Factors

Many external factors that affect mood and well-being may contribute to extreme weight. Many people who have a stressful work or home environment or have had a traumatic life experience, cope by overeating. Stress can also hinder the body’s ability to lose weight properly.

Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause changes in hormones that increase appetite. People who fail to get adequate sleep tend to crave foods high in calories and carbohydrates, contributing to weight gain.

How Bariatric Surgery Can Help

If you are obese and identify with some of the causes of obesity listed above and If diet and exercise have failed to produce the necessary results, Tijuana Bariatric Center offers a variety of bariatric procedures performed by an experienced bariatric surgeon to help patients achieve their weight loss goals and improve their health. Our Tijuana, Mexico practice also offers medical tourism packages for patients living outside of Mexico that make traveling to our facilities easy.

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If you are overweight and struggling with finding a successful method for improving your quality of life, you may benefit greatly from bariatric surgery. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today online or call 800 970-0577 to talk with one of our representatives. Bariatric surgery could help save your life. We can help with any questions you may have in regard to obesity and its causes.

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