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Dr. Jose Luna and Nutritional Counseling after Bariatric Surgery

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Nutritionist Dr. Jose Luna

Dr. Jose Luna - nutritionistThe Tijuana Bariatric Center is proud Dr. Jose Luna is providing nutritional counseling to bariatric surgery patients who have received treatment in Tijuana, Mexico. Adjusting to the bodily changes of a bariatric procedure is difficult enough, but patients oftentimes struggle to maintain their weight even long after surgery. Dr. Luna, bariatric nutritionist, can advise patients to help ensure that each individual has a safe recovery and enjoys long-term weight loss. Contact the practice today for more information on the role your nutritionist can play in your treatment.

The Importance of Good Nutrition

Diet is a major component of success for bariatric surgery. Keeping to your food regimen in the months and years after your procedure is key for two reasons: recovery and maintaining weight loss.

Bariatric surgery dramatically affects the size, shape, and layout of your digestive tract. Consequently, it can take some time to recover from the effects. Patients are not able to eat the same types of foods as before. In the first few weeks, you are typically limited to liquids and pureed foods, slowly reintroducing soft and solid foods over time. Even as you recover, your body can no longer absorb food in the same quantities. Pushing it can lead to severe discomfort and potential medical complications.

After recuperation, diet remains key in reaching and maintaining your weight goals. Overeating can stretch out a shrunken stomach and increase the calories you absorb. As a result, some patients do not reach their weigh loss goals within a year, as is normally expected. Or, if you do reach these goals, motivation can falter and the weight can return.

With the help of an experienced nutritionist, you can prevent such problems by learning good habits early on.  She can advise you on what foods your body can handle and when to begin introducing other foods, as well as long-term weight maintenance.

It is important for patients to prioritize a healthy lifestyle following their bariatric surgery procedure. Post-bariatric surgery nutrition is essential to long-term success. As a follow-up care physician, Dr. Paola Velazo helps patients make a commitment to healthier choices through nutritionist services as well as consistent communication and support throughout recovery. *Note: There is no guarantee of Specific Results. Results can vary for each individual.

Dietary Plan: A Timeline

You will meet with your nutritionist in the first few days after your surgery, while you recover at the hospital. During this brief introductory meeting, she will educate you on some basic guidelines for diet and nutrition. Once you are back at the hotel, she will meet with you again to more thoroughly discuss what foods are safe and healthy during your individual recovery, what types of nutritional supplements may be necessary, and recommendations about how to shift toward a heartier, weight-loss oriented diet after you have healed.

After you return home, it is highly recommended that you follow up with your nutritionist during and after your recovery, either through email, phone, or Facebook. Based on how your body is responding to the recommended diet and how you feel overall in the following months, she can advise adjustments to your nutritional plan, as needed. In this way, patients can establish healthy eating habits as the foundations for long-term success.

Staying in contact with your nutritionist can have emotional benefits, as well. Life after bariatric surgery can be frustrating, confusing, and more than little overwhelming.

You need to entirely change how you eat, incorporate new exercises into your daily routine, and battle the emotional

ups-and-downs of weight loss. Having access to support can help ground patients and ensure that their goals stay on track. Over time, some patients find that further nutritional counseling in the form of therapy or group meetings can have a similarly positive effect.

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The team at the Tijuana Bariatric Center is dedicated to every step of a patient’s care, from pre-operative education through follow-up during the months after recovery. Reach out to the office today to learn more about the positive impact a nutritionist can have on your weight loss goals.

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