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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Options

tijuana bariatric weight loss optionsTiajuana Bariatric Center offers a wide range of Weight Loss Solutions

Success Stories - Why wait any longer?

weight loss successGet your health back, Get your life back - Weight loss success is here

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

2The benefits or weight loss are endless, do any of these apply to your situation.

Welcome to Tijuana Bariatric Center

Trusted Medical Tourism Destination - Tijuana Bariatric Center of Mexico

As health care costs continue to skyrocket and waiting lines for medical assistance grow in many countries people are seeking affordable, efficient ways to meet their health care needs, particularly as concerns weight-loss issues.

Medical Tourism isn’t entirely new, but is gaining a greater following and entering the main stream as more and more people seek alternatives outside their home country for treatment and relief from obesity.

Tijuana Bariatric Center offers a beautiful full service facility, featuring 2 well equipped operating rooms with the latest technology, creating a safe environment for Medical Tourists who choose these facilities. In addition to an beautiful facility, the highly qualified medical staff will be there to make sure your stay is as comforting as possible.


Explore our site to see all that Tijuana presents for your Weight-loss success:


Need Financing?

No problem, Tijuana Bariatric Center is strategically aligned with Citerra Finance who is widely respected as a premiere finance company for many types of procedures.  Click the image below to learn more.